What is Hanna Somatic Education

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What is Somatic Education

In HSE we talk about SM amnesia and sm learning.  these 2 concepts are intimately interwoven.

The word “somatic” comes from “soma.”  TH described the word soma, to mean the living body as experienced from within.

S-M learning occurs within us as an internalized process.  We may be guided by a teacher or a practitioner’s words or even hands, but that teacher or practitioner is not doing something “to us.”  We, as individuals are initiating and controlling the process.  

S-M learning to gain greater vol. control of your musculoskeletal system (bone, joints, muscles, fascia) and also your general physiology.  

For ex, a teacher may be verbally guide a movement process, first asking me to move my shoulder toward my opposite hip.  To do this I contract some muscles, voluntarily.   Then the teacher verbally directs me thru her words to slowly release out of contraction while paying attention to the process.  This is the pandicular process and releases tense, tight, contracted muscles.  Or, a practitioner in a private session might place his hand on my shoulder and ask me to move my shoulder toward my opposite hip.  After I have initiated this voluntary movement, the practitioner may add some weight to my shoulder, to increase the sensory feedback which may allow me to sense more accurately the movement I am doing.  Then the practitioner would direct me verbally to slowly release out of contraction while the pr continues to hold the weight on my shoulder.  As I am now directed to slowly release, I need to control the rate of release, giving my motor cortex time to reset the resting tonus of the muscles I’m using.  That reseting is the key.  That is what allows my muscles to release excess tension and allow my muscles to assume a more natural resting muscle fiber length.   

In HSE, S-M learning teaches you how to use your own brain and body/soma to take back voluntary control of yourself.  You are your own practitioner.  You learn tools for self care.